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 Summary of School Curriculum


TheSchool Curriculum reflects the aims and objectives of the College andconform to the statutory requirements of the NI Revised Curriculum.

JUNIOR SCHOOL - KEY STAGE 3 ( Year 8 - 10 )
A broad and balanced curriculum covering all areas of study of the Northern Ireland Curriculum will be provided for all pupils.

Year 8 and 9 pupils study the following subjects:

Art & Design                 History                        Physical Education
DramaHome EconomicsReligious Education
EnglishIrish or SpanishGeneral Science
FrenchMusicTechnology & Design
EmployabilityPersonal DevelopmentICT
Social Education

Year10 pupils study the same subjects as Year 8 and 9 except that theystudy Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects instead ofGeneral Science.

All Year 8 - 10 Pupils have Tutor Class ( one period per week ) with their Class Tutor

All Year 8 - 10 Pupils follow the " Education for Love" Programme in Religious Education.

SENIOR SCHOOL - KEY STAGE 4 ( Year 11 and 12 )

All Year 11 and 12 pupils must study:

   · 9 GCSE subjects ( or 10 subjects if Additional Mathematics is taken* )

   · Religious Education, English Language, English Literature and Mathematics

   · 5 other subjects selected from the list below

Art & Design                      Physical Education         Science ( Double Award )
Technology & DesignICTBusiness Studies
GeographyHistoryHome Economics ( Food )
Home Economics ( Textiles )MusicDrama
Learning for Life & Work( from September 2009 )

N.B. Science ( Double Award ) counts as two subjects.

Pupils are advised strongly to study at least one Science and one Modern Language.

*A number of pupils are selected to take GCSE Mathematics at the end ofYear 11. These pupils study Additional Mathematics in Year 12.

All Year 11 and 12 Pupils have Tutor Class ( one period per week ) with their Class Tutor. 

SIXTH FORM ( Year 13 and 14 )

SixthForm pupils embark on a two year course of study taking AS Levelexaminations at the end of their Lower 6 Year and taking Advanced LevelExaminations at the end of their Upper Sixth Year.

All pupils must study 3-4 A-Level subjects taken from the following list:

Art & Design    Biology     Business Studies
ChesmistryDrama       English Literature
Histroy & App of ArtHome EconomicsICT
IrishMathematicsMedia Studies
Moving Image ArtsMusicPhysical Education
SociologySpanishTechnology & Design

Pupils who do not take A-Level Religious Studies must take a modular course (two periods per week) in Religious Education.

All sixth Form Pupils must attend:

   · Careers Education ( Two periods per week )

   · Tutor Class ( one period per week ) with their Class Tutor

   · Form Class ( two periods per week ) with their Year Head