The Pastoral Care Policy is supported by the rules and procedures Detailed in the Code of Conduct, which is contained in the pupils’ Homework Diary, and in the Home/School Agreement undertaken by Parents of new pupils entering the school.

In order to carry out their responsibilities effectively, training and development opportunities are provided both in school and outside for all staff involved in the Pastoral Care System.

The programme delivered by tutors in each year group is regularly evaluated and updated. Programmes for Social Education (Years 8-10) and Health Education (Years 11 and 12) are integral to Pastoral Care and staff training takes account of the evolving nature of all these programmes

The Pastoral Care of the individual pupil is our prime concern and while all staff contribute to the caring ethos of our school, there are a number of specialised roles within the Pastoral Care structure.

The Pastoral Care system is co-ordinated by a Vice-Principal.

Each class group of approximately 25 pupils has a Class Tutor and each year group has a Year Head.

The Class Tutor has daily contact with the class, teaches the Pastoral Care programme and has an overview of each year’s progress. He/she liaises regularly with subject teachers and monitors the student’s work,behaviour and well-being and reports to the Year Head.

The Year Head has overall responsibility for the Pastoral Care of the pupils in the year group, working closely with Class Tutors. He/She meets with tutors to discuss materials to be delivered by them in tutor class. Materials prepared for Tutor class are as a result of wholestaff effort. Year Heads have the sole responsibility to make initial contact with parents if the need arises.

In addition, a Senior Teacher has designated responsibility for:

Years 8 and 9.

Year 10 – with added responsibility for Career Guidance.

Year 11

Year 12

Years 13 and 14 are monitored by the overall Head of 6th Form.


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