The Class Tutor takes a personal interest in each individual in her/his group and in all aspects of the class, and plays a very significant part in fostering the atmosphere of concern and friendliness which should characterise the whole school. The Class Tutor should be the first point of reference for and concerning the pupils in her/his class. Therefore the tutor needs to have:

(a) a list of pupils’ names, addresses, phone numbers;

(b) at the end of the second week of the first term the Class Tutor should leave with the Secretary an accurate Class list; the correct spelling of pupils’ names is important.

(c) copy of their class time-table

(d) names of all who teach them;

(e) a file of all parental or other correspondence concerning them. This includes notes of absence etc.


The duties of the Tutor include the following:

1. To encourage pupils in the pursuit of learning.

2. To speak frequently to pupils on points of courtesy and good manners;

3. To check the daily attendance and punctuality of each girl in the tutor group and retain accurate records of both;

4. To take individual assembly with the class or accompany them to Assemblies.

5. To inform those whom it may concern of any special requirements of pupils. This includes consideration for impaired sight or hearing etc. 

6. To remind pupils of the reasons for wearing school uniform and check that they wear it fully and properly and that items of clothing are marked.

7. To inspect Homework Dairies weekly.

8. To be responsible for the order and tidiness of the classrooms, and see that pupils treat furniture with care. (Cupboards, wastepaper baskets and black-board need continual attention.)  The abuse of school property by graffiti will not be tolerated and should be reported immediately to Reception.

9. Other areas where concern for others should direct behaviour are: the Church Corridors; the canteen; public transport

10. To appoint Class Captain and Vice Captain monthly or termly as appropriate.

11. To provide a tutor comment and check on completion of school reports;

12. To collect requests from parents who wish their child to go home at lunch-time. Their requests should be passed to the Head of Year who will then issue a lunch pass;

13. The tutor ought to remind pupils of the two school rules which carry Penalties (absence without permission and smoking within the school campus at anytime or in uniform anywhere)and explain why they are important.

14. To emphasise to pupils the importance of adhering to rules as outlined in the homework diary and remind them that breaches of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.


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