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Study Skills encompass a range of transferable life skills which are essential to enrich learning and enhance academic success. In Dominican College, a well structured study skills programme helps pupils develop confidence, competence, self esteem as well as reach their true academic potential as a learner. These essential skills enhance opportunities for employability and lifelong learning. A well developed study skills programme permeates the pastoral, curricular and extra- curricular provision in Dominican College.

Pastoral Programme

In weekly tutor class lessons, pupils regularly engage in active learning group work activities which aim to develop high levels of self confidence, motivation and essential study skills to accelerate learning.

Curricular Programme

Subject teachers implement study skills programmes within an academic context to meet relevant curriculum objectives. Pupils are required to use these study skills to self evaluate, engage in metacognition and set realistic targets and goals to enhance and maximise their academic performance. 

Extra-Curricular Programme: Seminars & Workshops

In Years 11 and 12, pupils engage in study skills seminars specifically designed for GCSE. These interactive programmes, conducted by external agencies, provide pupils with a range of techniques and tools to make effective and informed study decisions. Through engagement in practical activities, pupils explore the “Growth Mindset” and develop an even deeper understanding of how to take control of their own learning.

In years 13 and 14 similar seminars are designed to help pupils develop competencies to achieve success in their A level studies as well as develop higher level thinking and independent learning skills.

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