History of the Senior Library

The Senior Library is situated in what was once called the Rosary Corridor that linked St. Mary’s Building with Walton House which was the original convent. In 2006 the Library was refurbished stylistically in a style blending in with the new school building.

Current Senior Library

  • Used primarily by senior pupils for independent study.

  • Also available before and after school for quiet study and homework for all year groups.

  • A member of staff is always present to assist and facilitate pupils’ learning.

Resources Available

  • The Library has a total stock of over 12,000 books, encyclopaedias and digital resources, updated annually.

  • Daily newspapers are provided and a range of magazines including New Scientist, Politics Review, National Geographic and The Tablet are also available.

  • Current information from universities and other further educational institutions are provided as well as information regarding events occurring in local theatres and museums in the Greater Belfast area.

  • Laptops are available and there is access to the Internet, printers and wifi connection for iPads.

  • The Junior Library, which caters for Years 8-10 is also open at regular intervals to pupils to access the wealth of reading materials available.


  • Book Clubs and Reading Groups

  • Allocated times for year groups to visit the Senior and Junior Libraries.

  • Writers’ visits – Sinead Morrissey, Belfast’s first Poet Laureate (2013-1 4), Ciaran Carson, Director of Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry, Belfast.

  • Liaison with QUB ‘McClay Library’ for pupil visits and talks.

Pupils’ Thoughts

  • ‘A peaceful and motivational environment that is relaxed and stress free.’

  • ‘An atmosphere of calm and positive energy making it easy to get work done’

  • ‘Offers tranquillity and much needed comfort throughout the year.’

‘Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.’

- Sidney Sheldon


38 Fortwilliam Park,


County Antrim

BT15 4AQ