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Transition to Year 8

In Dominican College, we recognise the importance and complexities of the transition from Primary to Grammar School. Our induction programme is specifically purposed to enable our Year 8 pupils to adjust to their new school surroundings, new routines and new aspects of learning. The Year 8 pastoral team play a key role in the delivery of our induction programme and strive to ensure that the induction process is a warm, supportive and motivating experience. We are acutely aware of the disruption that Covid-19 has had on our young people, particularly those in transitional years. Accordingly, we have introduced some new pastoral features into our induction programme that reflects the wider aims of our school’s pastoral recovery plan which is outlined below.

Year 8 Induction Programme

Year 8 Induction Programme 2022.png

Year 8 Pastoral Initiatives

Our commitment to the holistic development of our pupils is demonstrated through the range and variety of specific pastoral support initiatives we offer throughout Year 8 as outlined below. Our pupils enjoy many opportunities to make new friends and form positive relationships with their tutors, subject teachers and sixth-form pupils as mentors and prefects. We remain responsive to the needs of our pupils and hope that Year 8 is a memorable year in Dominican College, laying the necessary foundations that will enable each pupil to fulfill their full potential.

Year 8 Pastoral Initiatives 2022.png
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