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Departmental Aims

We aim to encourage all pupils who study French to develop their linguistic skills to the best of their ability and to create an interest in and a love for the French language and culture.


Miss K Hamill (HoD)

Mrs M McCready

Mrs D Royal

Miss S Lyttle


Key Stage 3

Pupils who study French, do so from Year 8 to Year 10.  They work through a variety of topics in the language and develop the four skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Schedule of Topics at Key Stage Three

Key Stage 4

Pupils currently follow the CCEA French specification.  They sit all examinations at the end of Year 12 in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. They study a range of topics from three contexts for learning.


Context for Learning 1: Identity, Lifestyle and Culture

Context for Learning 2: Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest

Context for Learning 3: School Life, Studies and the World of Work

Schedule of Topics at Key Stage Four: GCSE French

Key Stage 5

Pupils follow the CCEA French specification for A Level.  They cover a wide range of topics in the language and study a literary text as part of the course.  They also attend Conversation Classes with Mademoiselle Yolaine Colin, our Language Assistant.

GCE A-level


There are six assessment units in this specification, three at AS level and three at A2:

Unit AS 1: Speaking;

Unit AS 2: Section A – Listening, Section B – Reading and Section C – Use of Language;

Unit AS 3: Extended Writing;


Unit A2 1: Speaking;

Unit A2 2: Section A – Listening and Section B – Reading; and

Unit A2 3: Extended Writing.


This specification allows students to develop their language skills, knowledge and understanding of societal, political and cultural issues in French-speaking countries or communities.


GCE French gives students the opportunity to explore two broad areas of interest.

These are:

  • social trends and issues; and either

  • political culture, intellectual culture or artistic culture.

AS level


Culture and Lifestyle


Young People in Society

Our Place in a Changing World


Learning a language brings a wide range of skills and attributes.  Not only will you be able to communicate in another language but you will have opportunities to improve communication and interpersonal skills, all of which are highly sought after by employers and universities alike.  A qualification in GCE French will offer you a range of employment opportunities in the fields of teaching, tourism, government and marketing. GCE French will also benefit you in areas such as financial services, IT, journalism, engineering and law.


French Club


Our French club is run by Madame Fabienne Nugier.  It generally takes place during lunchtime on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for our Year 11 and our Year 12 pupils however, this is subject to change and the club has been organised for other Year groups as well.


A-Level Debate


Our A-level pupils participate in the A-level debating competition at Queens University Belfast.

European day of Languages


Each year celebrate the European Day of Languages with a visit to a local primary school.  Our A-level pupils teach French to some of the primary school pupils during the visit and this is a most enjoyable event for all concerned.




Our Year 13 and Year 14 pupils enjoy mentoring the junior pupils who sometimes request a little extra help. This generally takes place during lunchtime or after school.


In 2019 four of our year 10 pupils took part in Francofest – a competition organised by NICILT and hosted by QUB.  The girls won ‘the most creative’ category.  Madame Fabienne Nugier prepared and instructed the girls for the competition.

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