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Departmental Aims

  • To develop pupils’ curiosity in and understanding of the natural and physical world.

  • To deliver the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and to prepare pupils for studying Science at GCSE level and beyond.

  • To develop an understanding of the nature of Science and scientific method.

  • To provide a range of teaching and learning opportunities.

  • To develop problem solving and critical thinking skills which are universally applicable and lifelong.

  • To help pupils make informed and responsible choices to become effective contributors to society, to the economy and to the environment in the future.


Miss A Jordan (HOD)

Mrs F Breslin

Mr J Donnelly

Mr D Gallagher

Dr C McLaughlin

Miss C Teer

Mrs K Wilson

Miss C McLernon

Mr N McConville

Curriculum Content

Year 8

  • Becoming a Scientist: Safety, apparatus, measurement and investigation

  • Living Things, Biodiversity and Pollution

  • Acids and Alkalis

  • Energy

  • Kinetic Theory

  • Cells and Systems

  • Light

  • Introduction to Electricity


Year 9

  • Sound and Light

  • Earth and Space

  • Elements, compounds and Mixtures

  • Diet, Digestion and Health

  • Forces

  • Periodic Table and Materials

  • Respiratory and Circulatory Systems


Year 10


  • Cells and Systems

  • Photosynthesis

  • DNA and Genetics

  • Variation and Natural Selection

  • Human Reproduction

  • Ecology and Sampling

  • Plant Reproduction


  • Energetics

  • Acids, Bases & Salts

  • Periodic Table

  • Atomic Structure

  • Bonding and Formulae


  • Energy and Heat Transfer

  • Motion

  • Waves, Sound & Light

  • Electricity

  • Electro-Magnetism

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