Departmental Aims

  • Develop the creative potential of our pupils by enhancing their appreciation for the cinematic arts.


  • Enable pupils to develop the creative skills needed for further study or employment in the creative arts sector.


  • Give the pupils the opportunity to succeed by managing the planning, production and post production of short films.


Mr C Lyons (HoD)

Mrs K McCann


Key Stage 5

We offer CCEA’s GCE in Moving Image Arts which consists of the following units:


Year 13 – AS 1: Foundation Portfolio                       60% of AS, 24% of A-level


Students produce:

  • a statement of intention;

  • pre-production materials;

  • one 3 – 4 minute narrative film sequence or 1½–2 minute animation sequence based on provided stimuli; and

  • an evaluation.


Year 13 – AS 2: Critical Response                              40% of AS, 16% of A-level


Students take a 1 hour 30-minute online examination with questions on clips from set study areas. 


Section A – Alfred Hitchcock and the Classical Hollywood Style

Section B – Formalism: Early European Cinema and American Expressionism


Year 14 – A2 1: Advanced Portfolio                                      36% of A-level


Students produce:

  • an illustrated essay;

  • pre-production materials;

  • one 4 – 7 minute long narrative film or 2 – 3½ minute long animation; and 

  • an evaluation.


Year 14 – A2 2: Advanced Critical Response                        24% of A-level


Students take a 2 hour 15-minute online examination with questions based on clips from set study areas and an unseen script. 


Section A – Realism: Narrative and Visual Style

Section B – Creative Exercise

Section C – Comparative Analysis


Pupils have two reasons for undertaking an A-level in Moving Image Arts.  Firstly, if they are a creative individual with an interest in film, they can use the subject to get a good A-level grade.  However, as well as developing excellent project management skills (the solo production of a short film is no easy task), some pupils use the subject as a gateway into further study in film and television production.  Several past pupils have used this pathway to embark on a career in the local creative arts industries.


Over the years our pupils have succeeded in CCEA’s annual Moving Image Arts awards. Some of the winners are pictured below.