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Departmental Aims

Learning Spanish is a cumulative process, which, when rewarded often in the early stages, will motivate pupils to further success.  Being a cumulative process it requires perseverance which is in itself challenging and rewarding.  From the outset in Year 8 our young language learners are stretched intellectually.  Horizons are widened and new areas of knowledge, experience and language skills are opened up, giving personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement.  We as a Department strive to encourage this sense of achievement and enjoyment and develop an ability to understand and use the Spanish Language effectively.


Mr J Rogers (HoD)

Mrs D Royal

Señora Angeles Soler Cunningham (Spanish Assistant)

Miss S Lyttle

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Key Stage 3

  • To promote Spanish Language and Culture and foster an appreciation of its importance on a global scale.

  • To promote a positive and rewarding learning experience in which our pupils learn the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  • To encourage a sense of achievement and enjoyment.

  • To develop the confidence of pupils in an environment of mutual respect.

  • To contribute to the development of all skill areas throughout Key Stage 3.

  • To develop an understanding of Spanish grammar.

  • To ensure our pupils have a sound language acquisition platform so that they are well prepared for a future G.C.S.E. in the Subject

Topic Schedule

Key Stage 4

  • derive enjoyment and benefit from language learning and be inspired by following a broad, coherent and worthwhile course of study;

  • recognise that their linguistic knowledge, understanding and skills provide them with a suitable basis for further learning opportunities and opportunities for career progression;

  • develop knowledge of and an enthusiasm for language learning skills by providing opportunities for the practical use of Spanish;

  • develop the confidence to communicate effectively in Spanish;

  • develop the ability to work independently and with others;

  • develop an understanding of Spanish in a variety of contexts;

  • develop awareness and understanding of Spanish-speaking countries and communities; and take their place as citizens in a multilingual, global society.

Topic Schedule

Key Stage 5

  • develop an enthusiasm for and an understanding of the Spanish language and

  • culture in a variety of contexts and genres;

  • communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in the Spanish language for a range of purposes;

  • develop knowledge and understanding of societal, political and cultural issues in Spanish – speaking countries;

  • draw together different areas of linguistic competence, skills and understanding;

  • develop higher order thinking skills, for example independent learning and analytical and evaluative thinking;

  • carry out research and present their findings through multimedia presentations;

  • develop advanced study skills that help them prepare for third level education;

  • provide extended responses and evidence of quality of written communication;

  • engage critically with intellectually stimulating films, texts and other materials;

  • demonstrate that they understand and can use Spanish at a high level to discuss and reflect on aspects of society, politics and culture.


  • In the AS year students build up linguistic competence and knowledge of Spanish society and culture through the study of a variety of topics.  In the A2 year students work on topics in greater depth and progress to the critical, evaluative use of language required at Advanced GCE.

Topic Schedule AS Spanish 2020-2021

Topic Schedule A2 Spanish 2020 – 2021

Career Opportunities

Opportunities: The study of a language opens up many avenues in career terms.  Our pupils in the past have gone to take courses in Humanities, Law, Social Sciences, Business Management, Medicine and Teaching.

Past Spanish Language pupils have pursued careers in Teaching, Law, Business Administration, Architecture, Nursing, Medicine, Engineering and many other professions.  The study of Spanish encourages pupils to take their place as citizens in a multilingual, global society.

Educational visits to Spain

The educational visit is organised on a bi-annual basis and affords the pupils a greater insight into Spanish culture and traditions of the area visited.  Both Barcelona and Santander have proven to be popular destinations where the pupils attend class in the morning and then take part in visits and activities in the afternoon and evening.  We have also participated in a Homestay visit in Málaga which entailed pupils staying with a Spanish host family.  This was a great opportunity to integrate fully into Spanish family life and discover similarities and differences. 


Claire Muller was awarded first place in CCEA Spanish G.C.S.E 2019.

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