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Villiers Park, Cambridge

My five-day educational course entitled “Environmental Chemistry” consisted of a succession of interesting lectures, engaging group activities and a visit to Sizewell Nuclear Power Station. The lecture series challenged me to think “outside of the box”. With the help of my lecturers, Dr. Steven Campbell and Kyata Chibalabala, I developed a great insight and understanding of the topics covered in the lectures. The science lectures ranged from ozone depletion in the stratosphere to the harmful effects of particulate matter in the body which suited my interests. Throughout my course I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting a range of students from different backgrounds and indubitably I have made life-long friends due to the extensive amount of time spent with each other preparing presentations and enjoying our very much appreciated coffee breaks. Without doubt, my unforgettable experience at Villiers Park has encouraged me to consider universities outside of Belfast and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to benefit from this enriching educational experience.

Ashleigh Murray (Year 13)

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