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Cool Geography - Dominican College reaches Antarctica

To extend our study of global ecosystems in Year 9, the Geography Department registered the school with the Polar Explorer Exploration Educational team of research scientists. This exciting venture involved a geographical study of Antarctica, its unique ecosystem and extreme climate. To celebrate the anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty, all Year 9 pupils embarked on a challenge of designing a flag for Antarctica. The five winning entries were sent to the team of Polar explorer research scientists to begin their journey to King Edward’s Point. Our winning flags display drawings and images inspired by their study of Antarctica – the ice and climate, the marine life and the people from many nations working together.

Congratulations to our Year 9 pupils who have had their art work proudly displayed in this fascinating and unique Polar landscape.

Lucy Cardwell 9E Cara Mc Allister 9C Niamh Ferrin 9C Erin Mc Cartan 9B Aoife Mc Keown 9A

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