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Departmental Aims

Whilst the skills required for this subject will be taught and fostered by the teacher throughout the two years, the Politics student ought to have certain qualities.  She must have an inquisitive mind, an acceptance of the need to tolerate other points of view, and a willingness to try to at least understand, if not agree, with that view.  The pupil must be prepared to read widely outside the classroom.  A pupil who fulfils these criteria will find the study of Politics an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Mr S Jenkins (HoD)

Mr G Mason

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Key Stage 4

GCSE Politics

Course Outline

Additional Information

In both papers there are 3 sections.  Section A includes questions that require short answers, recall and definitions.  Section B includes questions on source material. Section C includes extended, evaluative essay-style questions.

Key Stage 5

GCE – A-level Politics

Course Outline

Additional Information

There are questions that require short answers, recall and definitions.  In addition, AS and A2 include questions on source material, and evaluative essay-style questions.

Career Opportunities

The obvious career opportunities for Politics students are politics, law, journalism and teaching.  One should not overlook however that this subject undoubtedly helps you to express your thoughts both orally and in written form, and articulate past pupils of Politics have made careers for themselves in many jobs which require good communication skills such as media, advertising, marketing, business management and information technology.


  • ‘Politics in Action’ programme in conjunction with pupils from St Malachy’s College, Belfast Royal Academy, Peter Weil and local MLAs and MPs

  • Dominican College Fortwilliam ‘Politics Society’ hosts many local politicians for talks and debates

  • Visits to Stormont, Hillsborough Castle and Dail Eireann

  • Trip to London including tour of House of Parliament at Westminster

  • International Trips to Washington DC and New York

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